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Managing the intricate operating environment of petrochemical plants and rigs is no mean task. With everyday tightening safety regulations and mounting operational costs, maintaining throughput, minimizing and achieving peak efficiency has never been so challenging. This is where we step in.

United Steelex FZE took shape as the result of a purposeful union of some of the most sought after professional brains of the petrochemical project support arena with decades of experience in the domain. We instill confidence in our clients and bring in the expertise to cater to the mounting technical needs of the petrochemical and construction industry.

Young in age, rich in experience!

Petrochemical installations being ever more complex environments, there is an ever growing need for finest structurals that withstand and perform under all conditions. Our extensive range of supply pipelines fittings, flanges and studbolts are ideal for onshore, offshore and deepwater operations.

In this world of express advance of technologies and sophistication, it takes more than quality products to cater to the demands of customers. It requires good services provided at competitive prices to achieve full customer satisfaction. At United Steelex FZE, we always strive to surpass our customers' satisfaction, working closely with them to develop world-class petrochemical projects support for the future.

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